The Blu Smith Gallery offers modern contemporary art for livable spaces.




The Collections

The Wild

A sense of place with a contemporary aesthetic.  

Sleight of hand

Modern abstraction infused with an organic flavour.


Glowing Abstractions with contemporary pattern overlays.



About the Artist


It all started when...

As a young man Blu worked as a sign painter and commercial artist, developing his skills for accuracy and precision. These are the very attributes that he found restricting in his painting. His mature style as an abstract painter began as an exercise to free himself from the technical restraints of realism. Non representational abstract became a creatively freeing direction that evolved into his unique voice as an artist. “I look at my paintings not as individual pieces but rather as a living, breathing and constantly evolving body of work. It really does take on a life of its own.”.  His subject matter is based from organic shapes with strong ties to nature. The organic structures are balanced with cavernous spaces and are filled with light that glow with an atmospheric quality. Typically, he begins with broad washes and textures, then pulls out and develops 3 dimensional shapes within the structures, finally resolving the surface with incisive drawing. The results are glowing organic abstractions. “My work is about the diversity of two different states and the transitions between the two. The real interest lies in bridging the gap between structure and space, foreground and background.”  Victoria, on the west coast of Canada, is where Blu lives and works with his wife and growing young family. Blu has exhibited his work throughout Canada, Europe and the U.S. for several years.



The Art of Blu Smith

To observe surroundings is to view dozens of surfaces. Our sight is pre-programmed to graze the exterior of things in our ample range of perception. In other words, most of us do not have advanced X-Ray vision or any other supernatural leverage over one another. But this is what makes art so spectacular. We do not need any special power to experience extraordinary things when there are artists conveying notions of all intangible fields, both in visuals and messages. The work of Canadian abstract artist, Blu Smith, is at first, an invitation to the phenomenal. And then, as the audience, you are there.   Samantha Matcovsky, The Huffington Post





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